Alexander Bakker Public Relations bv

Alexander Bakker Public Relations bv is a company focussing on advising on and carry out communications in general.

The name tells you: the company is owned by Alexander Bakker. He worked for almost thirty years as journalist in different positions at newspapers Het Vrije Volk, het Rotterdams Dagblad and AD Rotterdams Dagblad. These newspapers played and play, as regional publications an important role as communicator in the greater Rotterdam area.

Alexander was from the late nineties active as port editor. In that role he not only focussed on the port of Rotterdam (in those days the biggest port in the world), but the international maritime industry in total was his field of activity.

As journalist Alexander witnessed authorities, companies and organizations in their communications. Sometimes this communication was carried out in a good, professional way. But mostly there was room for improvement.

Nowadays Alexander benefits from his experiences as journalist. At present communications requires more. Technological developments make communications more easy and offer many new chances and challenges. At the same time these technological developments create a far more bigger demand in the availability and the exchange of information.

As former journalist Alexander knows the media from the inside. He knows how media work and respond. And so he knows how individuals, authorities, companies and organizations can benefit from media in the exchange of their messages.