Crisis? Chance!

Accidents will happen. Nobody is asking for it, but it happens to you, even when precautions are extensive and solid.

The modern society, especially during a crisis, asks for frankness and transparency. Before one can realise you not only have to fight a crisis, but you're also in the limelight and you have to account in public. With 'no comment' you're on the wrong way. Such a comment is killing and harms much more then whatever what crisis.

At such moment, when it is 'all hands on', a professional support is indispensable. Also for communications. Then you need a professional who not only knows your company or organization and its activities, but who knows also your business and social environment.

Do you know the famous Dutch soccer player Johan Cruijff? He has an also famous statement: 'elk nadeel heb zijn voordeel' - translated as 'every disadvantage has an advantage'. This statement is in vogue in many crisis situations. A crisis is extremely tedious, but at the same time it offers you a chance to exposure your responsibility and professionalism. That makes every crisis for Alexander Bakker a challenge!